Santa Clara, California, US, August 10, 2011Results of the recently published DisplaySearch Global TV Replacement Study suggest that German consumers barely show an interest in new technologies like 3D or Internet-TV, despite record-setting sales of new flat screen displays. Although the increase of TV sales set a new record last year with 24.4% growth, new technologies did not seem to be a driver for TV replacements. Less than 1% of interviewees in the study listed 3D as a reason for their TV upgrade and barely 1% said Internet-TV played a major role. Not surprisingly, these percentages were higher in East Asia: 6% of Indonesian buyers said 3D was one of their main reasons for a TV upgrade, and for 5% of urban Chinese buyers, Internet was an important factor.

While it is valuable to know how often people are upgrading or adding new TVs to the home, its also important to understand why, noted Paul Gray, Director of European TV Research at DisplaySearch. Some of the findings from this study show that advanced features are not strong drivers of new TV purchases compared to fundamentals like trading up in size or getting a flat panel TV.

Figure 1: Comparison of Purchase Considerations for German Consumers

Source: DisplaySearch Global TV Replacement Study

Studying TV replacement rates and drivers of replacement/additional TV purchases is important in understanding the potential for future consumption. The unique DisplaySearch Global TV Replacement Study offers a focused view of TV replacement trends in up to 14 global markets: China (urban/rural), India, Indonesia, Japan, UK, France, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Brazil, US, Mexico and Russia. The study also provides comprehensive insight into the reasons why consumers are replacing their CRT and flat panel TVs. This global study provides clients with country-level insights and information based on nationally representative samples of more than 14,000 TV owners. The study combines DisplaySearch TV analyst expertise with the advanced consumer survey design of its parent company, The NPD Group.

DisplaySearch Business Conference at IFA 2011

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