The SENSOR+TEST event in Nürnberg excels again this year with top grades: Not only the clear increase in exhibitors (plus 13%), visitors (plus 10%), and visitors from abroad (plus 26%), but also the results of exhibitor and visitor polls, just published, impressively confirm the sustained success of the entire package, comprising the fair itself, the conference, and the action programme.

According to a representative poll taken by a neutral market research institute, no less than 97% of the visitors are very satisfied or satisfied with the offerings at the SENSOR+TEST. What is more: 99% (!) of the polled visitors deemed the information and contact opportunities at the stands as positive. Holger Bödeker, Managing Director of AMA Service GmbH, the organizers, commented, “We take exceptional pride in having again topped the highest exhibitor and visitor satisfaction we ever had!”

SENSOR+TEST 2012 - Die Messtechnik-Messe - The Measurement Fair, 22.-24.5.2012, Nürnberg, Germany

The exhibitors in turn especially appreciate the high professional and purchasing competence of the visitors. The broad range of application industries is characteristic – machine and plant engineering (current visitors 24%) and automotive engineering and aerospace (20% each) posing the greatest share. Peter Scholz, CEO of ADDITIVE GmbH, says, “We find a broad spectrum of industries and applications here. That’s what makes the SENSOR+TEST different from other events that target specific groups. The visitors here are very competent and well prepared. We get a lot of concrete project inquiries.”

Fitting the new motto of the fair, “Welcome to the Innovation Dialog!”, is that most of the visitors (55%) are particularly interested in information on current novelties. Christian Zimmermann, CEO of GeneSys Elektronik GmbH, on this trend: “The visitors are increasingly interested in complete solutions, rather than just in sensors – as system integrators we can only welcome that.”

Dr. Heinrich Steger, head of Strategic Product Marketing at Polytec GmbH, puts the complete satisfaction of the exhibitors with the organization and service provided in a nutshell: “The SENSOR+TEST gives exhibitors comprehensive support, ranging from the annual thematic highlights to the many marketing services in advance of the actual fair and including very good customer care on site.”

Exhibitors and visitors look forward to the industry’s future with great optimism. In fact 77% of the visitors (72% in the previous year) and even 82% (79%) of the exhibitors expect a slight to strong increase in the industry’s economy.

Thus, the industry can indeed look forward to the next SENSOR+TEST: The fair will be held 22 to 24 May 2012 at the Nürnberg Exhibition Centre. A special attraction should be the focal topic, “Electromobility”. It was selected by the Exhibition Commitee because sensor, measuring, and testing technology are of extreme importance in the application of this leading-edge technology.

Nevertheless, as in the past, an extensive scientific programme will also be provided. However, instead of the biannual SENSOR+TEST conferences to be held again in 2013, two top-notch events can be attended: the 16th GMA/ITG congress on “Sensors and Measuring Systems” as well as the 14th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS) which will take place in Germany for the first time.