Editor's Note: Last chance to win! Deadline is October 31, 2011.

Win one of three USB-based oscilloscopes/data loggers - each worth more than $240

As part of a brand new feature, ECN will be working with a number of electronic suppliers to give our readers the chance to win various pieces of exciting new kits, from prototyping boards and development software to high-end test equipment. This month EasySYNC has provided three of its DS1M12 Stingray PC-based multi-function instruments, each with a set of HP-3060 probes to accompany them.

DS1M12_2The DS1M12 Stingray combines a dual-channel oscilloscope, data logger, spectrum analyzer, voltmeter, frequency meter and signal generator in a single instrument. As it is powered directly from the PC’s USB port, it does not require use of an external power supply.

The DS1M12 features simultaneous 12-bit sampling on both channels, a native sampling rate of 1MS/s (20MS/s for repetitive signals), a 32kByte waveform buffer, and sophisticated hardware triggering (including delayed time base and pulse width). When placed in data logger mode it can handle up to 50kS/s of 12-bit data streaming simultaneously on both channels. The integrated 10-bit waveform generator has an output range of ± 3.5V and 1k buffer. The DS1M12 Stingray is contained in a lightweight, streamlined (116mm x 30mm x 100mm) enclosure. An attractive carrying bag will also be provided to each winner (resulting in a total prize package of over $240 each).

EasySYNC’s DS1M12 Stingray is supported by the free to download EasyScope II (oscilloscope) and EasyLogger (data logger) Windows-based software packages. The supplied Windows DLL enables third party applications to easily interface to the instrument. Example code in several popular programming languages (including LabView) is also provided. Windows CE and Linux drivers are available on request.

To see a demo of the EasySYNC DS1M12 in action go to:

For more information, please e-mail giving your address, company name and phone number.