The parking deck is capable of housing a number of charging stations including high-voltage, fast charging stations.

With a history of over 50 years in developing and manufacturing next-generation electronic components, TE Connectivity continues to be on the cusp of the latest advances in the technology revolution. As an associate member of the FREEDM Systems Center, TE actively participates in contributing to advancing the Center's research. The donation of the level II charging station will further the Center's mission to study and refine current Smart Grid technology.

"TE Connectivity's commitment to supporting the globally evolving electric vehicle initiative will expand with collaborative efforts with organizations like the FREEDM Systems Center," said Director of Marketing Eric Freid, TE. "The new charging unit will not only advance the Center's vision, but is a working symbol of both organizations dedication to contribute to N.C.s priority to promote the use of electric vehicle charging stations."

"The FREEDM Systems Center's goal in working with industry members is to bridge the gap between university research efforts and marketplace demands," said Dr. Ewan Pritchard, director of industry, collaboration and innovation, FREEDM Systems Center. "We will benefit greatly from TE Connectivity's generous donation and look forward to building our relationship with them in the future."

Ten charging station ports have been installed in the Keystone Science Center's parking lot, and the level II unit from TE is one of two charging stations currently installed. The FREEDM Systems Center has a Toyota Prius car, Chevy S-10 electric truck, and an electric scooter in its electric and hybrid vehicle fleet. The Advanced Transportation Energy Center (ATEC) is affiliated with the FREEDM Systems Center, and ATEC researchers conduct experiments on fleet automobiles to advance development of improved battery packs for electric vehicles.

About the FREEDM Systems Center

The FREEDM Systems Center, headquartered on N.C. State University's Centennial Campus, is one of the latest Gen-III Engineering Research Centers (ERC). It was established by the National Science Foundation in 2008. The FREEDM Systems Center partners with universities, industry, and national laboratories in 28 states and nine countries to develop technology to revolutionize the nation's power grid and speed renewable electric-energy technologies into every home and business. A large number of utility companies, electrical equipment manufacturers, alternative energy start-ups, and other established and emerging firms are part of this global partnership. For more information, please visit