Focus is on investigating a wireless charging station for electric vehicles

Active research support

The goal of the joint research project with the FREEDM Systems Center is to develop solutions for the wireless charging of electric cars. Different scenarios are being studied, including the stationary charging of electric vehicles as well as in-motion transfer. The project team, which consists of scientists and industry representatives, identifies the various interfaces required for implementation and the components which need to be developed for this purpose. In this regard, TE personnel accompany and advise the research students, giving them the benefit of their experiences in the automotive industry. "The regular exchange between TE and the young scientists ensures that highly innovative ideas are translated into practical solutions," says Roger Thrush, Director of Engineering for Global Automotive at TE and one of the projects mentors. "The close interaction with the students in the research project is a major asset to both sides. Not only can TE provide experience from decades of practice; in return, the company receives much important input. All our employees will benefit from this transfer of knowledge. Therefore, two of our interns are also involved in the research project. With this investment, we can give them know-how that, in this form, is unique and very valuable for their career."

Close cooperation with research institutes such as the FREEDM Systems Center has always had a high priority at TE. Such initiatives create not only the foundation for innovation, but ensures the development of new materials, manufacturing processes and products. The support of long-term research projects which go beyond traditional core competencies also opens up new possibilities, ensuring that TE's capabilities cover an even broader range in future.


The FREEDM Systems Center, a research institute operating at North Carolina State University, is concerned with Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management. The center collaborates with research institutions from industry and academia in 28 U.S. states as well as in numerous countries around the world. The aim of the FREEDM Systems Center is to develop technologies designed to revolutionize the supply of power, supplying it to industries and households immediately. The facility is financed by public funds as well as industry subsidies.