Key terms of agreement include setting up a Smart Lab within Skolkovo innovation hub

Following an initial memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Skolkovo* “Foundation for Development of the Center of Research and Commercialization of New Technologies” in January this year, Nokia Siemens Networks has now confirmed its plans with the Foundation. Under the key terms of agreement, Nokia Siemens Networks will set up both a Smart Lab** as well as a wider R&D team focused on wireless technologies. The Smart Lab will be located in Skolkovo. The wireless R&D team will be based in both the Sistema-Sarov science park and on Skolkovo Foundation premises in the future. Nokia Siemens Networks has already started to build the R&D team.

“Nokia Siemens Networks’ Smart Lab initiative is ideally aligned with the vision of the Skolkovo foundation,” said Viktor Vekselberg, head of the Skolkovo Foundation. “The lab will play a crucial role in offering guidance and assistance to start-up companies, helping them streamline and focus their R&D activities. It will help us create a healthy, sustainable technological ecosystem that we have envisioned.”

“We are committed to developing future proof technologies in Russia,” added Kristina Trikhonova, head of Nokia Siemens Networks, Russia. “In particular, we see immense potential in areas such as cloud computing, machine-to-machine (M2M), and applications for smart devices, and telco and web 2.0 convergence. We are building necessary systems that will support growth in these areas, and the new Smart Lab in Skolkovo will become one of the key components of this ecosystem.”

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Smart Lab will collaborate with Russian operators, handset manufacturers, and Internet and handset applications developers across a range of advanced broadband wireless technologies. In addition, the lab will play a key role in Nokia Siemens Networks’ Russian University Cooperation program, helping to support the development of public research and educational infrastructure in Skolkovo.

Other elements of Nokia Siemens Networks’ R&D initiatives under the agreement include a Wireless Competence Center based at the Lobachevskii Institute, University of Nizhni Novgorod. The competence center will be moved to Skolkovo in 2014. This center will be dedicated for high level technological management of all Nokia Siemens Networks’ R&D activities in Russia and for coordinating with universities on outsourcing projects focused on 3G and 4G technologies.

As part of its R&D initiatives, Nokia Siemens Networks launched an R&D center in the Sistema-Sarov science park in June this year, and the center has already started its R&D activities around active antenna systems. When the Skolkovo Foundation premises ready for operation, R&D activities in the science park will be managed by the Nokia Siemens Networks’ management team based in the foundation premises.