Miniature Dedicated Temperature Controller

PICCO is the smallest dedicated temperature controller in the market. Its unique electrical design provides consistent and accurate control of temperature ranging from -120 degrees celsius to 690 degrees celsius. PICCO has a dynamic response time of 1.3 microseconds which allows precise control of temperature for specialized production requirements. It also features an Easy-Select switch which has up to 5 modes of temperature settings for the most commonly used materials (PS, PP, ABS, PC, POM, PA, PET, PBT, PPO, PPA, PPS, etc.) and a tuner for higher precision temperature settings. The compactness of its design allows PICCO to be mounted anywhere on the mold to your convenience which provides better accessibility and a more efficient working environment.

Current temperature controllers give inconsistent temperature readings and have wide tolerance of temperature control range due to long cables that cause signal losses. Due to the different maker of hot runner system and hot runner controller which provide incompatible connectors, manufacturers were forced to rewire connections. This increases set up time and introduces potential connection mistake. Current temperature controllers are also bulky and heavy. With PICCO, all the above will be solved.

Advantages of PICCO

  • Gives consistent and accurate temperature control
  • Gives faster response time with quick material selector
  • Gives convenience in installation and easy to operate.
  • Improves efficiency at an affordable cost.