Minister and CEOLotus Technical Services announced that they have successfully completed a design verification project at CEITEC S.A., Brazil over a four month period. The Lotus Technical Services team was invited to deliver the design verification project report to the Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Aloizio Mercadante Oliva and Dr. Cylon Gonçalves da Silva, CEO of CEITEC S.A. at the Ministers office in the city of Brasilia this month.

The design verification project at CEITEC S.A., Porto Alegre, Brazil ran from March to July 2011.The team, consisting of four Lotus Technical Services personnel were responsible for performing Design Verification of the installations of all mechanical and electrical systems at the facility including all gas and chemical services supporting their recently installed semi conductor manufacturing tool sets. CEITEC S.A., located in Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil, is the first semi conductor manufacturing facility to be built in Central and South America.

"Lotus did a superb job in helping CEITEC S.A. through the process of Fab acceptance. The expertise and thoroughness that they brought to the task will help CEITEC S.A. shorten the time required to bring up the facility, said Dr. Cylon Goncalves da Silva, CEO of CEITEC S.A. “Brazil will soon join the select group of countries capable of designing and manufacturing application specific integrated circuits. With plenty of energy sources, the capability to feed a large population, a democratic and peaceful society, Brazil will be a powerhouse in the 21st century. A strong domestic microelectronics industry is a key element for the decades to come. CEITEC S.A. is uniquely poised to take advantage of the market opportunities in Brazil and elsewhere."

During the performance of the Design Verification process, the Lotus Technical Services team considered Safety, Quality, Constructability, Operability, Maintainability, Technical Integrity and Contractual Requirements. With ever-increasing costs of fabrication and pressures within the industry to get quickly to market, design verification is a critical point in the project cycle. Lotus led the project on behalf of CEITEC S.A due to their clear expertise and wealth of experience in verification. “By following a structured design verification procedure, you are more likely to see overlooked conditions, identify rarely-exposed risks and recognize possible future exposures” comments James Casey President Lotus Technical Services, USA.

Speaking about the Lotus Technical Services project, Mr. Casey added “We are delighted the opportunity to work with CEITEC S.A. presented itself and to successfully complete this project within the agreed timeframe; it’s our first project in South America. CEITEC S.A. has commenced the process of developing and growing an electronics industry in Brazil, Our expertise includes design verification so we are well positioned to aid in testing the functionality and timing performance to ensure the design met all requirements. We wish CEITEC S.A. every success for the future and admire their commitment and dedication to this state of the art facility”

The electronic industry represents only 1.9 percent Brazil’s GDP, small by comparison to OECD countries, and this 1.9 percent is mostly semiconductor assembly. Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva envisions Brazil becoming a competitive, independent semiconductor industry hub by 2022.

The location of CEITEC S.A. facility in Porto Alegre’s was not by chance, the city has over 4 million residents and boasts the highest level of education of any Brazilian city with nine major universities located in the area. 

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