A book for students or hobbyists, The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Electronics 101 provides the fundamentals of electronics in a hands-on way. The book includes a series of basic terms and theories as well as projects that progressively become more involved throughout the book.

Theories, components and terms discussed include:

• Fundamentals of electronics: electrons, voltage, current, power, conductors, insulators, semiconductors

• Switches and Ohm’s Law

• Capacitors, diodes, and transistors

• Displays, encoders, and decoders

• Memory devices

• Designing, building, and modifying circuit boards

• Sensors and controllers

• Transmitters and receivers

The book also includes several charts and graphs to make the basic book help readers with an in-depth topic.

About the Authors

Sean Westcott (Washington, D.C.) is an electronics hobbyist and IT professional dating back to before the World Wide Web. He works as an IT professional in a construction engineering firm. Westcott is co-creator of the blog,

Jean Riescher Westcott (Washington, D.C.) took a History of Computers class back in 1985 and spent a summer studying programming in high school, but has been more of a book geek since she finished her law degree. She spent a long, wonderful time in independent bookselling and now works in book publishing. Westcott writes for Westcott is co-creator of the blog,

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Electronics 101

ISBN: 9781615640959, July 2011, $24.95

Authors: Sean Westcott (Washington, D.C.) and Jean Riescher Westcott (Washington, D.C.)