(Duesseldorf, 18 July 2011) Intelligent safety systems, intervehicle networking, electric drives: developments in automotive electronics are racing forward. The well-established VDI conference ‘Electronics Systems for Vehicles’ on 12th and 13th October 2011 in Baden-Baden, Germany, is an opportunity for exchanging specialist knowledge and experiences and for discussing current trends. “For many years now we have not just been reporting about innovations: trends are actually defined in Baden-Baden and the ground prepared for decisions of considerable importance to the automotive industry”, says conference director Dr. Wolfgang Runge of Runge Consult and formerly chairman at ZF Lenksysteme.

This year's focal topics include electromobility, the connected car, high-voltage vehicle electrical systems, driver assistance systems, systems architecture and networking, functional safety, battery technology, vehicle electrical system management, complexity in global markets (taking China as the example) and sensors in the system network. Papers will be delivered in four parallel sections.

A full-session address will be given by Rainer Bomba, Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Affairs on the incorporation of electric vehicles into the urban infrastructure of the future. The second full-session address comes from Prof. Yu Zhuoping, dean of the School of Automobile Technology at Tongji University in Shanghai on the subject ‘Mobility in transition: China's 5 year plan’.

Companies presenting papers include, for example, Volkswagen, Opel, Ford, Continental, BMW, Audi, Fujitsu, Daimler, Infineon, Porsche and Bosch. The next generation will also have an opportunity to contribute. “Systematically shaping the future is the task of our younger talent”, says Runge. This is why once again this year the three best young speakers will receive the young talent award ‘Auto-electronic excellence - Baden-Baden 2011’.

For the first time two special introductory sessions will be held this year on the day before the conference starts. Those attending can choose between ‘ISO 26262: functional safety in automotive electronics’ and ‘Drive systems in the electric vehicle’.

A comprehensive exhibition (already fully booked) accompanies the conference. It will present current developments and offers an excellent opportunity to make contacts and exchange ideas.

Further information, registration and the program are available from or the VDI Wissensforum Customer Center, Postfach 10 11 39, D-40002 Duesseldorf, email:, tel.: +49 211 6214-201, fax: -154.