Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently earned UQ certification*1 for its WiMAX*2 communication module (LBFA1ZRSTZ) after its module had successfully completed the network connectivity testing of UQ Communications Inc. ("UQ" below) .

"UQ certification" is required when communication products are to be connected to the UQ networks that use the "WiMAX" wireless standard, and if a module that has acquired UQ certification is installed, the number of items to be tested in the end - product can be significantly reduced, and the time and trouble involved in testing and certifying the end - product can be lessened. In addition, this certification greatly shortens the development period of the products.

The door is now open for Murata Manufacturing to supply not only WiMAX module hardware, but even the drivers and communication middleware. The equipment manufacturers, who are the company's customers, can now achieve WiMAX functions for their products simply by preparing the user interfaces and applications. Murata also offers services to acquire various kinds of certification needed for the end - products.


In the future, WiMAX communication functions are expected to be featured in smart phones and PCs as well as in all kinds of portable communication devices. Murata's miniaturization technology — and its WiMAX Module (LBFA1ZRSTZ) is a typical example of what this technology can accomplish — will be making an important contribution to opening up the WiMAX - related market.


  • This compact SMD (surface - mount) - type module is an exact fit for portable communication devices.
  • The module significantly reduces the timeframe for development and design because it is already certified.
  • The entire WiMAX communication unit, except for the antenna, is incorporated inside the module, and is easy to handle.
  • Murata also offers a full range of software, certification support and other services that help to conserve our customers' development resources and shorten the development periods of their products.


Smart phones, cell phones, mobile PCs, etc.

Comments from UQ Communications Inc.

The new WiMAX communication module from Murata Manufacturing has been developed by virtue of the company's high - grade miniaturization technology, and it is the smallest WiMAX module available. Together with Murata, we at UQ Communications wish to promote the increasing adoption of WiMAX communication functions in compact communication products. We are also striving to offer a greater array of services and expand this whole business area, and we will continue to propose new possibilities for WiMAX.


*1 UQ certification This program, provided by UQ Communications Inc., certifies that the WiMAX communication product concerned has successfully completed testing for connectivity with the WiMAX networks of UQ Communications. Due to the fact that Murata's WiMAX communication module (LBFA1ZRSTZ) has now acquired this certification, the number of man - hours involved in testing connectivity with the WiMAX networks of UQ Communications in the end - products that incorporate this module can be drastically reduced.
*2 WiMAX This is a wireless communication standard. It offers high - speed and large - capacity wireless broadband communications.

Part Number


Electric Characteristics

  • 802.16e Wave2, Profile 3A compliant
  • MIMO Matrix - B (2 x Rx, 1 x Tx) supported
  • Maximum transmission power: 23dBm
  • EEPROM, crystal, RF front end incorporated
  • SDIO 1.8V/3.3V, USB 2.0, UART and USIM interfaces

External Size

16.8mm x 20.4mm x 2.3mm

Production Site

Komatsu Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Sample Price

10,000 yen per unit