Leading-edge 32-bit microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics have been selected for the new generation of operator-friendly, touch-screen production-line control panels from Erhardt+Leimer.

As the interface from the operator to the manufacturing equipment, production-line control panels play a critical role in maintaining productivity across industries. Powered by ST’s high-performance STM32 microcontrollers, Erhardt+Leimer’s innovative control panels set new standards in ease of use, increasing the speed and efficiency of the manufacturing process, minimizing material waste and maximizing output quality.

The RT4008 control panel with a 320 x 240mm LCD color touch screen, soft and hard keys, and self-explanatory graphics runs on ST’s STM32 F-2 microcontroller. This microcontroller device combines superior processing power, high efficiency, and convenience of the industry-standard ARM Cortex -M3 processor with abundant peripheral sets and large program (Flash) and data (SRAM) memory.

Erhardt+Leimer’s newest control panel primarily targets web-guiding systems - essential components of factory automation in paper, textile, and rubber manufacturing, as well as in conveyor and transporting systems. Web guiding systems keep the processed material in a defined position and guarantee an exact input feed into the production process even at the highest processing speeds.

Extensive field tests of the ST-powered manufacturing control panels started at selected Erhardt + Leimer customers in China, Europe and the US in May 2011.

“ST’s 32-bit microcontroller technology strikes the perfect balance between performance, dynamic power consumption and cost, and adds extended video/imaging, audio and connectivity support,” said Günter Franz, Product Manager at Erhardt+Leimer. “Starting with the advanced touch-screen production-line control panel, we have decided to use STM32 microcontrollers as the core platform for all our new manufacturing-automation products.”

“Erhardt+Leimer’s decision to integrate STM32 microcontrollers in their next-generation factory automation equipment confirms ST’s strong position in the embedded application space,” said Semir Haddad, Marketing Manager, Microcontrollers Division, STMicroelectronics.” This cooperation is a great opportunity for ST to contribute to the significant changes in the manufacturing environment, where equipment control becomes as intuitive and fool-proof as interaction with today’s smart consumer devices.”

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