New SV03 Series of Rotary Position Sensors


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that it has now commercialized the SV03 series of surface - mount rotary position sensors*1 that feature a small size and a low profile (W11 x L12 x T2.1mm) .

As a result of the fresh look taken by the company at design in line with the needs of the marketplace, the new series will contribute to lowering the costs of products incorporating the sensors compared with the previous SV01 series.


As electronic technologies make more and more inroads into automobiles and major household appliances (white goods) , feedback control devices*2 typified by robots, and electronic rotary switch devices*3 that include air - conditioning air flow - adjustment switches in automobiles are being increasingly incorporated. Rotary position sensors are used in these devices in order to detect the rotation (angle) of the switches, and manufacturers are being required to offer them at even lower prices.

For its part, the company has successfully reduced prices for its newly commercialized SV03 series mainly by reviewing the materials employed by the sensors, while using its previous SV01 series as a base.


  • The new series has specifications that are tailored to the needs of the marketplace, and has achieved lower prices as a result of mainly reconsidering the materials used.
  • The series supports the wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +125°C) required by the sensors installed in vehicles.
  • The new series guarantees both the high precision (±2%) and long service life (300,000 cycles) that satisfy the requirements in the targeted markets.
  • Thanks to their compact sizes (W11×L12×T2.1mm) and light weight (0.4g) , the sensors in the new series help to make the products incorporating them smaller and lighter.
  • The new sensors support lead - free reflow soldering (heat resistance of 260°C) .
  • An adjustment scale is displayed on the surface to facilitate mounting at the stage where the products incorporating the sensors are produced.


  • Automobile air - conditioning air flow and other switches
  • Feedback sensors*4 and rotary switches for all kinds of consumer goods


*1 Rotary position sensor: Uses a variable - resistance potentiometer system to detect the rotational angle of a rotor and output the voltage that is proportional to that angle.
*2 Feedback control device: Returns the output result to the input side, compares it with the target value and uses it for the next control operation.
*3 Electronic rotary switch device: Controls a switch by using an IC to read the rotational angle of a switch as an output fluctuation of an analog sensor.
*4 Feedback sensor: Measures the output results in a feedback control device.

Part Number


Electric Characteristics

Rated voltage: DC5V±0.5V
Electrical effective angle: 333.3°
Total resistance: 10kΩ
Output voltage linearity: ±2%

External Size

External Size (Surface)

External Size (Surface)

External Size (Back)

External Size (Back)

W11×L12×T2.1mm (0.4g)


Mass production scheduled to commence in July 2011