Murata Wireless Solutions was selected by Metrum Technologies, to enable their Advanced Meter Infrastructure and Home Area Network products. Metrum Technologies is a developer of cellular-based, wireless communications and endpoint automation technologies for Energy/Utility AMI and Smart Grid applications. Working collaboratively, the Murata team integrated the SyChip SN3020 High-Power ZigBee® module (which supports Smart Energy 1.0 and eventually Smart Energy 2.0) into the Metrum smart meters. The result enables the nation's utilities to communicate with any Home Area Network (HAN) Smart Energy device using Metrum's cellular-based IP backhaul. The companies began working together on this initiative in November 2010, with Metrum's ZigBee certified smart meter products hitting the market this month.

The Murata Wireless Solution SyChip SN3020 ZigBee module is the industry's smallest, fully-integrated ZigBee module with PA/LNA, antenna, and memory for a wide range of applications - including many in the Smart Energy market. It has 1MB of serial flash memory for Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates and offers the best-in-class ZigBee RF performance with a 124dB link budget for long range. The module can be easily integrated into designs without the need for RF or embedded software expertise and allow engineers to add the latest meshing radio technology without complex software challenges.

"The MWS SN3020 ZigBee module exceeded our expectations by performing significantly better than other modules in field tests," said Ovie Whitson, Chief Technology Officer for Metrum Technologies. "We are excited to be working with Murata on our ZigBee-based AMI and HAN products that will provide a compelling Smart Energy solution to our utility customers."

"As Smart Meters become more ubiquitous, companies are increasingly turning to Murata to help develop breakthrough products for the Smart Energy market," said Dennis McCain, Director of Marketing for Murata Wireless Solutions. "Our expertise in implementing innovative solutions for emerging markets is unsurpassed."

Murata Wireless Solutions

Murata Wireless Solutions is a division of Murata Electronics, which is the world leader in the manufacturing of passive components and wireless modules. MWS and SyChip build upon Murata's global leadership in quality and innovation in electronics to offer application-specific modules for the Smart Energy, Home Automation, Internet Appliance, and Healthcare markets. The combined module and product portfolio includes WiFi™, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Low Energy, ZigBee®, and GPS solutions operating on many popular embedded platforms. For more information, please visit

About Metrum Technologies, LLC

Founded in 2002, Metrum Technologies is a leading provider of integrated wireless M2M solutions for a wide variety of remote connectivity, data acquisition and endpoint automation applications including: Utility AMR/AMI, Distribution Automation, Equipment Monitoring and Control, Public Safety, Military, and Custom Wireless Solutions. The patented OV2000 product line is available as an integrated endpoint communication module or as an external OEM platform and features protocol agnostic, transparent, IP communications over the CDMA/1XRTT and GSM/GPRS public high-speed data networks supported by the major wireless carriers. True-pass-through functionality and compatibility with "best-in-class" platforms produce highly flexible, dependable wireless solution for almost any remote data, monitoring, or control application. Visit