Frost & Sullivan's Industry Director Jessy Cavazos and Industry Analyst Prathima Bommakanti, along with guest speaker Matthew Friedman, Senior Product Manager for Automated Test at National Instruments, have completed extensive analysis on the electronic test equipment market. The experts will lead a short teleconference about new findings that affect the market, followed by a live question-and-answer session.

Technological advancements in industries such as automotive, wireless communications and aerospace & defense have revolutionized the electronic test equipment market. Increasing requirements for wireless connectivity, massive data bandwidth, increasing processing capabilities, integration, and software content, have increased the demand for more complex yet easy to use electronic test equipment.

The briefing will provide an overview of the electronic test equipment market in Europe and then focus on a critical challenge that is perhaps the most important one being faced by test engineers today: the increasing complexity of DUTs. Frost & Sullivan has invited National Instruments to join us in this briefing and highlights solutions available to test engineers to overcome these challenges.

It will benefit anyone who is associated with electronic test and measurement equipment, traditional instruments and/or modular instrumentation, as a current user, potential user, manufacturer, distributor, or system integrator.

“The complexity of devices under test (DUTs) is increasing in literally all industries, from aerospace to white goods. More and more devices are scalable or multi-channel, be it in the automotive industry or the wireless communications industry with technologies such as MIMO. DUTs are getting faster, smaller, cheaper, translating into a significant challenge for test engineers as it increases their needs for more complex test systems”, says Prathima Bommakanti, Industry Analyst.

"Just as Moore's Law leads to smaller, faster and lower-cost devices, test systems must keep pace by following this trend through the development of smaller, more cost-effective form factors with faster processing power”, adds Matthew Friedman, Senior Product Manager for Automated Test at National Instruments.

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