Green pays offDortmund, 29. June 2011. tde - trans data elektronik is one of the first German suppliers of passive data centre infrastructure that matches the code of conduct of the European Commission for energy-efficient data centres. tde’s cabling systems for data centres have always been tested for energy-saving potentials. This enables data centre operators to achieve low power consumption and to cut costs enormously.

The ‘European Code of Conduct for Data Centres’ is an initiative of the Joint Research Centre and the Institute for Energy of the European Commission. Only data centre operators and manufacturers of data centre components are listed, which provide evidence of their efforts to expedite an economical and efficient energy-consumption in data centres: 'Participants' involve data centres that are operated according to strict energy-economic aspects. ‘Endorsers’ are the manufacturers of energy-efficient components.

tde provides energy-efficient data centre components

Since 2010 tde-trans data elektronik has already been listed as a vendor at the Green-IT consulting office of the German high-tech association Bitkom. After a thorough review of the product range and production methods used, the Dortmund-based company has now - as one of the first German providers of passive infrastructure - also been listed as Endorser of the European Code of Conduct for data centres:

"The energy saving potential when operating data centres is tremendous. Having realised this fact we support the reduction of energy consumption in data centres with our products. It is a great honour and it makes us very proud that tde was accepted in the small circle of the Code of Conduct Endorsers by the EU Commission, "said André Engel, CEO of tde - trans data elektronik. Through targeted consulting and public relations, tde spurs on the idea and the establishment of ‘green’ data centres.

Green Data Centers with tde

All tde data centre components are committed to energy efficiency. The quality and the environmental management follow the guidelines of ISO 14001 and 9001 as well as TL 9000. Especially the tML® system offers companies, which would like to cut costs through green IT measures in the data centre, a modular cabling system of highest technical standards with maximum packing density. tML® is a patented modular cabling system that comprises three core components: Modules, trunk cable and module slot units. The system components are a 100% made in Germany, pre-assembled and tested. This enables an on-site plug and play installation in the shortest time possible. The system components can be reused at any time and due to a drastic reduction of cable volume as well as the provision of twice the density in the network rack, significant energy savings are achieved. As the data centre can be smaller and the ventilation channels in the cabinets and floors are not unnecessarily blocked, the required cooling effort is reduced significantly.

Last but not least, also the shipping of the components is held ecologically: tde uses “UPS Carbon neutral”, so certified carbon-neutral offsets guarantee the neutralization of the emissions caused by the shipping of the packages.