alixI am humbled by the ECN Website being recognized by BtoB Media Business as one of the 10 Great Media Sites, and want to congratulate the ECN team on a job well done. Over the past three years we here at ECN have been working hard to create the kind of website and online commmunity fit for you, and we are proud of the recognition from the industry on our success.

10 Great Media Sites

Business media companies continue to adapt, thrive on the Web

By Sean Callahan

B2b media companies have been under siege for the past 15 years as the Internet has threatened their long-established business model of offering targeted advertising to vertical markets.

The latest major threat comes from the social media sector, where Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are now offering the kind of targeted advertising opportunities business media companies have always provided.

There's also the long-term menace of ad networks, which, on the one hand, help by delivering incremental ad revenue to business media companies, but at the same time contribute to the overall lowering of CPMs on the Web.

Nonetheless, in the face of these threats, many b2b publishers have risen to the challenge and developed exceptional websites—as the properties recognized in this special report attest.

From trade publication and technology websites to portals to subscription sites, business media companies—whether in the technology realm, such as United Business Media, or solidly in trade publishing have created online models that contribute to the bottom line. 

ECN Magazine

The multimedia aspect of, the website for Advantage Business Media's Electronic Component News is right out in front on the home page. A box near the top of the page is tabbed “multimedia,” and it features videos, podcasts and webcasts produced by ECN's editorial team.

The home page also showcases a “Video of the Day” sponsored by Digi-Key Corp., an electronic components distributor. ECN's editors are expected to carry a video camera in their pocket and shoot, for example, interviews with exhibitors on show floors.

Speaking on the phone from the 2011 Electronic Distribution Show & Conference in Las Vegas, Alix Paultre, editorial director-design group, said, “We not only do videos and podcasts on the hard technology, we also have discussions on the market and where the technology is headed.” also produces a regular podcast called “The Tinker's Toolbox,” which mimics a radio talk show format. In a recent episode, Paultre interviewed Manish Gupta of Symmetricom on timing and synchronization.

But's commitment to multimedia is perhaps best represented by its topic-specific landing pages, which provide a deep dive into such things as computing electronics. That particular page features a range of media—an aggregated news feed on the topic, new-product descriptions, audio podcasts, videos and whitepapers—providing comprehensive coverage.