PHOENIX— May 12, 2011 -- This year’s Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in San Jose, Calif. didn’t disappoint. If you missed the demonstrations from Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc., you’re in luck. Avnet is bringing all the action to you. View these short video clips of all the demonstrations performed in the booth.  

Brimming with new innovation, the Avnet Electronics Marketing booth at ESC provided a deeper look into the capabilities of today’s technology. Designers were given the opportunity to witness how an ARM9™ processor, DSP (digital signal processing), and FPGAs can work together to create a real-time video surveillance system with an accelerated performance advantage. Also demonstrated were wireless sensors powered by ambient harvested energy. One demonstration showed a small 2.4 GHz sensor network with nodes powered by light, vibration, thermal and RF induction energy harvesters. Also at ESC, Avnet demonstrated three different combinations of single-board computers paired with either a 10.4” or a 15” XGA (extended graphics array) resolution. This demonstration covered the functionality of the various panels, the multi-touch capabilities of a p-cap sensor and all of the features of a single-board computer running Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 7.  

“Exhibiting at ESC gave Avnet the opportunity to demonstrate our true value proposition – to provide unmatched design and supply chain services to our customers around the world,” said Ed Smith, president of Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. “For those designers who couldn’t make the show, these videos are a great way to see how Avnet can accelerate your success by combining leading-edge technologies from our supplier partners with our team’s technical expertise – all helping you get to market faster.”  

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