LONDON – April 12, 2011 – element14 today unveiled a new community resource, the “Do It Together” blogs, offering up-to-date news, information and personal insight from recognized members of the electronics industry, further uniting the online community and enabling authentic connections.

“Engineering enthusiasts have a lot of passion, thriving on the ability to share information, and element14 is a resourceful community for collaborating and communicating with like-minded individuals,” said Alisha Mowbray, senior vice president of marketing, element14. “The interactive Do It Together blogs allow industry professionals to further connect with fellow peers and enthusiasts to drive the open exchange of ideas. It’s a great way to encourage and challenge one another throughout all the stages of the design cycle.”

element14’s Do It Together blogs provide the community with another forum to share ideas and contribute, spurring further debate and conversation. The renowned blogging panel focuses on a range of design and engineering specialties, such as open source hardware, circuit and board design, robotics, software programming and green technologies. More bloggers will be added to the panel from various regions of the world.

· Dave Young: Co-founder of BlueStamp Engineering, an extracurricular program for high school students, electrical engineer and hackerspace enthusiasts, Young has designed everything from audio circuits to energy harvesters. He’s also involved with RePlay for Kids, a nonprofit organization that modifies toys for children with disabilities.

· Charles J. Gervasi: With over 10 years experience in circuit and board design, Gervasi focuses on schematic and PCB level design. His personal blog offers insight on today’s electronics and technologies influencing the industry.

· Chris Kraft: Kraft is a self-described tech geek who specializes in software programming, FPGAs, individual fabrication, and 3D printing. He also enjoys getting involved at all stages of engineering projects and truly embraces open source and DIY movements.

· Jeremy Blum: An electrical and computer engineering student at Cornell University, Blum has been working with electronics and building microcontroller projects for several years and has an extensive background in the Arduino programming environment. Blum is also a member of element14’s “Ask an Expert” panel.

· Jeri Ellsworth: Ellsworth is an entrepreneur and a self-taught computer chip designer specializing in custom ASIC, FPGA, system level, and mechanical design spaces. Ellsworth is well recognized in the open-source environment and is a current member of element14’s “Ask an Expert” panel. Serving as a guest video blogger, Jeri’s first assignment is to cover the May Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA.

Engineers and professionals interested in joining the conversation online can visit element14’s Do It Together blogs at