HOUSTON — February 25, 2011 — BPM Microsystems announces that its distributor, Polaris Systems Engineering Ltd., will highlight the Flashstream® Flash Vector Programming System at the upcoming Hi-Tech Technologies Exhibition, scheduled to take place March 9-10, 2011 at the Trade Fair and Convention Center in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The Flashstream offers the fastest programming of NAND and NOR flash memory, as much as 12 times faster than current flash programming technology. This industry-leading speed is attributed to BPM Microsystems’ Vector Engine Co-Processor, which hardware-accelerates waveforms during the programming cycle. Faster speeds are achieved through synchronous operations that eliminate the dead times so the device under test no longer waits for the programmer. The result is programming near the theoretical limits of the silicon design — the faster the device, the faster the device is programmed.

Designed for high-density flash, the Flashstream programs NAND and NOR flash memory up to 32 Gb and has upgradeable RAM for future densities. The programmer also includes bad block replacement scheme for NAND and low voltage support.

As an additional benefit, multiple Flashstream units can be connected to run the same programming job in concurrent programming™ mode. Also, an LED display identifies the programmer number that corresponds to software instructions.

Featuring the capability to program with one, two, three or four socket cards, the Flashstream offers a single socket card purchase for first article qualification. Additionally, it includes Active, Pass and Fail LED status indicators on each individual socket card, as well as the option of Auto-start on continuity check.

BPM Microsystems released the Flashstream Mark 2 in March 2010. The 2800F-MK2 combines the largest memory capacity on the market with the latest 64-bit architecture to support device data files up to 125.5 Gb with theoretical device size support up to 8Eb.

For more information about BPM Microsystems’ Flashstream product line, stop by Polaris’ booth at the show or visit  

About Polaris Systems Engineering Ltd.

Polaris Systems Engineering Co. Ltd was founded in January 1999. The company specializes in design and production of automated test equipment, as turnkey projects for production lines & field echelons, labs and development departments; development of PCBs and systems for real time; simulation; monitoring & controlling systems; and represents agencies of universal test equipment.

Polaris Systems Engineering Ltd. is located at T.M.R Science Park. Rehovot, Israel. The company can be found online at

About BPM Microsystems

Established in 1985, BPM Microsystems is a global supplier of electronic device programmers for all applications. The company is the leading supplier of vision-based automated programming systems and sets the standard in device support, performance, ease-of-use, and cost-of-ownership. The company offers a wide variety of device programmers including Universal Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems® and Fine-Pitch Automated Programming Systems.

BPM Microsystems’ financial statements are audited by Pannell Kerr Forster. BPM Microsystems is located at 5373 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Suite 250, Houston, Texas USA 77041-5160. BPM Microsystems can be found on the Internet at