ZenvergeZenverge, a leading developer of advanced media ICs for the connected home, announced today that at the upcoming CES 2011, it will provide a sneak peek at the first wave of video products soon to be launched by its customers and partners worldwide. Based on Zenverge's industry-leading ZN2XX/1XX family of advanced media ICs, these products are set to unveil multiple capabilities for consumers which enable seamless viewing of their media content on all screens.

"We are very excited about the products our customers are launching into retail and operator channels," stated Amir Mobini, Zenverge's president and CEO. "Sharing and accessing all media across all devices and screens have been challenging to enable due to the lack of a suitable and cost-effective technology platform. Consumers have long awaited these capabilities and are finally going to benefit from the creative products our customers are developing around our technology."

Zenverge's ICs use advanced media processing capabilities in a highly compact, power-efficient, and cost-effective footprint, which provide "Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device" media experience for the consumer electronics manufacturers, service providers and their consumers.

Zenverge will demonstrate multiple industry firsts and multiple industry enhancements, showing the incomparable transcoding performance and density of these new media processing ICs across multiple exciting new applications.

Industry firsts:

"Tablet Media Bridge" for streaming live HDTV to multiple tablets and cell phones over WiFi

4 channel wireless HDTV server with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) streaming DVR content to 4 HDTVs over WiFi

And the world's fastest:

"Tablet Media Hub" for converting and time-shifting all media content available on the home network to tablets and cell phones

Multimedia NAS for storing all content in one place and converting and distributing to all connected screens in or outside of the home

USB dongle for converting and downloading HDTV to tablets and cell phones

The showcase will take place January 7-9, 2011 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. For more information contact Afsoun Mobini at 

For more information please visit the company website: