HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Jan. 6th, 2011 -- Tyco Electronics (TE) expands its high-speed, stacking STRADA Mesa product family to include a new narrow version -- the STRADA Mesa connector half wide. The new stacking connector offers design and application flexibility through a slim width of 16.15mm that suits a variety of PCB footprints.

The product offers four differential pairs per column -- compared to the eight differential pairs per column offered by the standard width product -- in sizes one, two and three, which when fully loaded yield 24, 48 and 88 pairs respectively. This new pair configuration allows users to break out a PCB footprint in two signal layers. In addition, the new product significantly increases connector airflow.

Additional product features, common to the entire STRADA Mesa mezzanine product family, include:

  • 15+ Gbps high-speed performance
  • Stack heights options starting from 8mm and growing to 42mm, in 1mm increments
  • Pin and socket signal contact designs that can be arranged in high-speed differential, high-density single-ended and/or coax patterns
  • Integrated power contacts, each capable of carrying a de-rated 14 Amps of current.

The STRADA Mesa mezzanine connectors can be used in high-speed, high-density and power mezzanine functions such as servers, switches, routers and optical transport.