Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA (OSE: NOD) and ANT Wireless announce their participation in an “eWellness” cycling performance monitoring exhibit with leading consumer electronics and technology companies today at CES. Yellow Digital Health Lab, Inc., a leading eWellness platform and service provider based in Santa Monica, CA and Tokyo, is coordinating the companies and products used in the exhibit; these include ULP wireless sensors, 3G-capable cycling computer, Internet services, and a commercial 3G network. The exhibit demonstrates the capabilities of Yellow’s eWellness platform for providing a motivational and performance improvement tool for fitness enthusiasts.

In addition to Nordic Semiconductor and ANT Wireless, Yellow has received technology support for the exhibit from Pioneer Corporation, Qualcomm Incorporated, Trek Bicycles, and AnyDATA. Together, at the ANT+ Pavilion (North Grand Lobby #3023) and Qualcomm’s booth (South Hall Upper Level #30313), these companies are showing how collecting and transmitting data via wireless connections are critical to the operation of the eWellness platform.

The exhibit at the ANT+ Pavilion and at Qualcomm’s booth is based on a Trek bike with built-in ANT+ wireless sensors. These sensors are equipped with wireless connectivity powered by Nordic’s nRF24PA2 2.4GHz ULP Single-Chip-Connectivity transceivers running ANT RF protocol software. (See “About nRF24AP2” and “About ANT/ANT+” below.)

Performance data, such as cadence, power, speed, and heart rate, is transmitted from the wireless sensors using ANT+ communication, to Pioneer’s ANT+-equipped “cyclocomputer” (cycling computer) that has 3G network capability. Cyclocomputer is equipped with map and other helpful applications for training and weight control, and displays real-time performance data from the network of ANT+ sensors on the bike. In addition, cyclocomputer allows the user to transmit cycling data and other information, such as favorite locations, using Yellow Digital’s eWellness cloud service, for further analysis and to share with friends on Internet devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Nordic and ANT are collaborating with the following companies to stage the cycling exhibit:

Yellow Digital Health Lab, Inc., a provider of an eWellness entertainment service. Yellow is coordinating the entire demonstration and provides applications and online service;

Pioneer Corporation (, a leading global consumer electronics giant, supports Yellow’s CES demo by providing a prototype cycle computer equipped with ANT+ and 3G wireless data communication;

Qualcomm (, a leader in developing and delivering innovative digital wireless communications products and services based on CDMA and other advanced technologies. Qualcomm supports Yellow’s CES demo by providing 3G technology for Yellow devices, and hosting Yellow at their exhibition booth;

Trek Bicycle Corporation (, a world-class bicycle manufacturer. Trek is supplying the ANT+-equipped bikes for the exhibit;

AnyDATA Corporation (, a leading wireless product manufacturer that designs and builds various wireless products for the global market. AnyDATA supports Yellow’s CES demo with 3G wireless technologies and provides its flagship tablet devices to display Yellow online services at the exhibition booths.

The highlight of the CES demonstration comes when cyclists ride the Trek bikes outside the venue. The real-time monitoring of the professional rider’s performance will then be transmitted from the bikes, via the cyclocomputers, a commercial 3G network, and Yellow Digital’s eWellness service, to a monitor in the ANT+ Pavilion and at the Qualcomm booth at the event. Later, there will by a speed competition between two riders using fixed-mount Trek bikes in the ANT+ Pavilion, and at the Qualcomm booth.

“Yellow Digital is pleased to co-ordinate this impressive demonstration from a group of leading technology companies,” says Kiyoto Hirai, the company’s President and General Manager Japan. “Using this underlying technology, we’re able to provide a comprehensive eWellness cloud service which will provide the motivation to get fit for an increasingly health-aware generation.”

“Because ANT+ offers assured interoperability between products from many different manufacturers these leading companies have put together a seamless demonstration of the huge potential of wireless connectivity,” says Rod Morris, Director at ANT Wireless. “ANT+ is considered to be the de facto standard for wireless connectivity in the cycling sector, and by working with such high profile companies, we can build on that strong foundation.”

“Nordic has an eight year association with ANT so we are naturally very pleased to form a fundamental part of this exciting demonstration at the ANT+ Pavilion,” says Thomas Søderholm, Business Development Manager PAN with Nordic Semiconductor. “Nordic ANT chips are the proven solution for compact wireless sensors with coin cell batteries; in fact, in addition to the cycling demonstration, those chips are at the heart of every other application on the ANT+ Pavilion at CES this year.”

In addition to its activities at CES 2011, Nordic is partnering with Yellow Digital to develop the eWellness sector by providing technical support for its ANT chips and seeking partners for peripheral devices and hardware.