Todd McDevitt, PhD, associate professor and director of the Stem Cell Engineering Center at Georgia Tech, was recently featured in an on-line educational media video entitled "Major Decision."

Each Major Decision episode covers a typical day in the life of that career, in this case, as a Biomedical Engineer. This up-beat hosted educational media piece, targets junior high, high school and college students and they are intended to help facilitate informed career and field of study decisions.

Each episode covers a different career with supporting hierarchies and rankings and there are 55 careers spanning 12 industries in all. The unique informal in-person interview style, comprehensive career coverage and proprietary career ranking system help is intended to show the breadth of career choices available to them as well as help them decide if a particular career is of interest to them.

This is an ongoing video project that is being conducted by CaerusPoint LLC. CaerusPoint is an enterprising career guidance company focused on significantly improving the career prospects of school children and college students across the USA.

The overall objective of the videos is to prepare our children for the future by equipping them with knowledge and the necessary tools that will enable them to make informed career decisions that are based on realistic expectations. In addition, the program is designed to help boost post-secondary education and reduce dropout rates by educating America’s youth about the array of careers that are available today. In order to make the featured careers come to life, they interview real people in real jobs at real companies.

The show, Major Decision, is conducted by two young hosts to whom their target audience can relate and are edited in such a way that it provides the student with an "as realistic as possible" view of a typical day in the life of that career while keeping their attention via the energetic ensemble.

View Here: McDevitt on Major Decisions