The power products team has created and posted four different videos on The videos are one to two minutes in length and feature the following products:

1) CROWN CLIP Junior connector: Space-efficient bus bar connector in solder or screw-mount configurations. This product is suitable for power supply/distribution applications. To view the CROWN CLIP Junior connector video, click here.

2) MINIPAK HDL connector: High-density power interface that is combined into a blind-mateable, low-profile, board-to-board connector. To view the new MINIPAK HDL connector video, click here.

3) MULTI-BEAM XL cable receptacles: Product line designed for cable-to-board or panel-mount applications. The cables can terminate 8-16 AWG and 22-26 AWG wires in one connector. To view the MULTI-BEAM XL cable receptacle video, click here.

4) MULTI-BEAM XLE hot-plug connector: Power connector that is designed to sustain repeated make-and-break cycles under electrical load, also known as hot-plug or hot-plug capability. The video features a MULTI-BEAM XLE connector being put through a hot-plug test. The smoke and sparks seen in the video are expected and show the connectors true performance. To view the MULTI-BEAM XLE connector video, click here.

Stay tuned for more videos featuring TE power connectors!

For additional information on TE power connectors, please visit the power interconnect website at: