Bloomberg BusineesWeek recognized Georgia Tech’s College of Management in its latest rankings for full-time MBA programs, and the college was also recognized for its job placement rate for graduates. 

Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranked Georgia Tech 23rd for full-time MBA programs (9th among public schools), up from 29th.

“This climb in the rankings is a reflection of our continuous improvement processes, our remarkable success in faculty hiring and the outstanding MBA students we attract,” said Steve Salbu, dean of the College of Management.  “Our graduates’ performance in the job market is truly impressive and is but one indication of the first-rate education they receive at Georgia Tech."

Earlier this month, Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranked the College of Management second in the nation for MBA Job Placement for the Class of 2010.  Georgia Tech is the top public school for MBA job placement for the Class of 2010. Despite a tough economy and tight job market, 94 percent of Georgia Tech's full-time MBA Class of 2010 had accepted full-time employment within 90 days of graduation – compared to 84 percent within that window in 2009.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported that while MBA recruitment started to improve somewhat in 2010 at the nation's top 30 business schools, job placement figures haven't reached their pre-financial crisis level. Salaries and signing bonuses also tend to be down at most schools.

The average starting salary for 2010 Tech MBA graduates was $86,481 (an increase of $1,702 over 2009), compared to $94,981 for those joining companies with national MBA recruiting programs. Sixty percent of graduates received signing bonuses averaging $12,621, a slight increase over 2009.

"Our students’ success is a testimony to their resilience and mental and emotional toughness," says Jim Kranzusch, director of Georgia Tech's Jones MBA Career Center. "They just would not give up. I hope everyone who supports the MBA program feels a sense of pride in the success of our students," Kranzusch says. "This is a team effort in every sense."