Low Energy Wireless Solutions Use BluetoothTexas Instruments Inc. (TI) offers two ultra-low power, short-range wireless connectivity solutions for consumer medical, mobile accessories, and sports and wellness applications. The CC2540 single-mode Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip and the CC257x ANT network processor can enable target applications to operate on a coin cell for more than a year. As the only supplier of solutions for both sides of Bluetooth low energy (single and dual mode) and ANT links, TI provides customers with fully tested, robust ecosystems for sensor applications and mobile handheld peripherals.

CC2540 Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip offers the following features and benefits:

  • One chip device: integrated controller, host, and application in 6 x 6 mm package reduces physical size and cost.
  • Flash-based: device firmware can be updated in the field and data can be stored on-chip, increasing flexibility for developers.
  • Complete solution from TI: low-power RF IC, fully embedded single-mode protocol stack, profile software, and applications support.
  • RF performance: excellent link budget for long range (up to 97 dB) and coexistence with other 2.4-GHz devices.
  • Interoperability/compatibility: Bluetooth specification version 4.0 compliant with single-mode (CC2540) and dual-mode devices (BlueLink 7.0 Bluetooth/FM single chip solution, WiLink 7.0 WLAN/GPS/Bluetooth/FM single chip solution, and WiLink 6.0 WLAN/Bluetooth/FM single chip solution), allowing full link testing and development.

CC257x ANT network processor offers the following features and benefits:

  • Turnkey sensor solution: 2.4-GHz CC257x network processor, MSP430 host microcontroller, software and application support.
  • Optimized hardware and software: integration of ANT-FS function and AES encryption support reduces components and bill-of-materials (BOM) cost.
  • RF performance: highest link budget (95 dB) compared to competitive devices and excellent selectivity for coexistence with other 2.4-GHz devices.
  • Interoperability/compatibility: TI supports ANT with sensor (CC257x) and mobile devices (WiLink 7.0 and WiLink 6.0 solutions) for a full system solution.