This conference offers a timely opportunity to redefine the agenda for regulatory policy at a time when regulatory tools receive more attention, in the aftermath of the economic crisis. Economic, social and environmental challenges have to be addressed jointly as to what to regulate, when and for whom.

A timely opportunity to discuss key challenges

Regulatory management must be supported by strengthened regulatory governance based on competence, vigilance and dedication to the public interest to fully achieve its intended results. The goal is to promote a robust regulatory environment for growth and help win back consumer confidence and trust in government. The conference will discuss the future in terms of integrating regulatory governance with regulatory management, in a new framework.

Regulatory Policy and the Road to Sustainable Growth

We will share the results of our upcoming report "Regulatory Policy and the Road to Sustainable Growth", following our recent project on trends in regulatory management in selected EU Member States, as well as other recent OECD work. Finally, the conference will help us to define new strategic directions for regulatory policy.