Do you have a question on a TE product, want to find documentation or subscribe to TE's monthly customer newsletter? This new flyer on the company's Product Information Centers in Europe is now available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish and features TE's 24/7 customer support â€" through the website, telephone, email or live chat.


Product information specialists are located throughout Europe to provide extraordinary customer support on TE products in English and their native languages. The flyer features all telephone numbers and email addresses of the Product Information Centers in Austria, the Baltic Regions, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, the Nordic countries, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


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Download flyer as PDF: English | French | German | Italian | Spanish


Literature numbers are as follows:


English: Product Information Centers Across Europe , 1-17734437-7

French: Les Centres dInformation en Europe, 7-1773458-8

German: Produktinformationszentren in Europa, 7-1773458-7

Italian: Centri di Informazione Prodotto in Europa, 7-1773458-9

Spanish: Centros de Consulta Técnica de Producto en Europa, 8-1773458-0