Governments want to give their citizens the best possible healthcare but they also need to control public spending. When health ministers from OECD countries meet in Paris next week, they will discuss how to meet urgent short-term fiscal concerns without sacrificing the long-term quality and availability of health care. 

They will focus in particular on preventing disease and disability. Though investing in prevention is vital for the long-run viability of health systems, it is often the first thing to be cut when resources are scarce.

A closing news conference will be held at 12.30-13.15 on Friday 8 October at OECD headquarters. Health ministers from Norway, Australia and Poland – Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen, Nicola Roxon, and Adam Fronczak – with OECD Deputy Secretary-General Aart de Geus, will outline the ministers’ responses to the budget/health dilemma. 

On the morning of 7 October, media are also invited to attend a Forum - ‘Quality of Care: how to measure it and how to improve it’ along with ministers, health care professionals, hospital organizations, labour and business leaders and academics.


The OECD will launch two major new reports during the meeting:

Improving Value for Money in Health Care: reviews recent trends in health spending; assesses options for saving money in the short-run, and identifies the most promising ways to create health systems fit to meet 21st century health problems


Improving Value in Health Care: Measuring Quality:Poor quality healthcare, even in wealthy countries, kills thousands of people.  This report gives new evidence on patient safety across countries, citing large variations in the quality of care for cancer, stroke, heart attacks, and the services provided by family doctors. 

Obesity and the Economics of Prevention: Fit not Fat was launched on 23rd September and will be a major theme of the discussion by Ministers.

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