USB Interface for Surge Test EquipmentCompliance West USA announces the Defib-5P, the first defib-proof tester on the market utilizing USB connectivity. The feature set of the USB Interface allows for increased flexibility in test setups and offers a more robust and problem-resistant connection solution.

Other benefits include:

  • The proprietary isolated buffer is placed at the computer end of the cable, which allows the noise benefits of the RS-232 interface to be enabled for most of the cable run.
  • Users can select the charging voltage and polarity of the pulse from the computer.
  • The computer displays real-time voltage on the computer screen, and a computer-controlled interlock is provided.
  • Up to three different test sequences can be programmed and saved for future use, and an autotrigger function is included.
  • Tester control buttons can be disabled for safety. In addition, a pulse history can be saved to a .csv file for future review.

The USB connection is currently available on the MegaPulse Defib-5 defib-proof tester, and is being expanded to all MegaPulse models. Drivers for the Compliance West USB connection are available for 32-bit Windows operating systems.