Darnell’s Power Forum

The initial program has been announced for the 2010 edition of Darnell’s Power Forum (DPF ’10). DPF ’10 will be held September 13-15 in Chicago. The Monday Plenary Session will feature:

  • Driving eGaN Transistors for Maximum Performance, Alex Lidow, CEO, Efficient Power Conversion
  • Maximizing Energy Output of Energy Harvesting Power Supplies with Adaptive Power Management, Peter Spies, Group Manager, Fraunhofer Institute
  • The Future of Digital Power, Chris Young, Sr. Manager Digital Power Technology, Intersil Zilker Labs
  • Novel Micro Power Source Based on Fuel Cell Technology, Lonnie Johnson, Founder, Johnson Research and Development Co. Inc. & Excellatron Solid State LLC
  • Sessions topics will include:

    • Enabling the Smart Grid
    • Applications of Digital Power
    • Implementing Energy Harvesting Solutions
    • Advanced Materials and Devices
    • Power System Design
    • Optimizing Converter Performance
    • Power Electronics Applications, and more

    DPF ’10 will bring you the broadest coverage of practical technology developments for next-generation power system designs. You’ll find the complete program at:

    You can register at: