Microsoft InstaLoad™ Wire Battery ContactInstaLoad from Microsoft is a mechanical battery contact design that does not require special electronics or circuitry. The configuration provides a set of positive and negative contacts at both ends instead of a single positive contact at one end and a single negative contact at the other end.

Battery contacts designed based on InstaLoad technology enable users to insert batteries into a device in either + or - direction and the device simply works. Users do not have to search for a hard to read diagram to determine how to insert the batteries.

InstaLoad technology can be used with AA, AAA, C, D batteries. Devices that require cylindrical form factor batteries (disposable and rechargeable) can use the InstaLoad technology, including less common cylindrical battery sizes such as CR123.  

Microsoft InstaLoad™ Battery Configurations

InstaLoad battery contacts are especially helpful when they are used in devices that:

• Use multiple batteries

• Require frequent battery swap out

• May be damaged by having the battery inserted incorrectly

• Require battery replacement at inconvenient times or locations

• For battery operated device suppliers, InstaLoad technology can help to differentiate your products while offering a better customer experience. 

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