Murata Introduces World's First Ultra-Thin Waterproof Piezoelectric Speaker


Featuring a thickness of only 0.9mm, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has succeeded in launching the worlds first ultra-thin waterproof piezoelectric speaker.


Of the 50 new Japanese mobile phone models announced in late 2010, almost one in four were waterproof mobile phones, one of numerous indicators of a growing trend towards the waterproofing of mobile equipment.

Given there are so many different areas that require waterproofing, there are many technical challenges and cost issues to overcome. The waterproofing of sound output holes in speakers is a particulary significant issue. For equipment designed with conventional dynamic speakers, manufacturers have covered sound output holes with waterproof sheets. However, this solution often led to the degradation of sound quality, while adding excessive costs.

Murata has already released a range of ultra-thin piezoelectric speakers that have been selected for use in many mobile devices. In response to the growing demand for waterproof equipment, we have succeeded in adding this new waterproof piezoelectric speaker to our product lineup.

Basing the design of this new waterproof product on the piezoelectric expertise our company is known for, we created an IPX7* grade waterproof piezoelectric speaker that does not use any conventional waterproof sheets. This design approach has allowed us to avoid the costs associated with applying waterproof sheets, while maintaining the devices intended sound quality. By not covering the output holes.

Additionally, the ultra-thinness (0.9mm) of this product also contributes to greater freedom in equipment design.


*IPX7: A JIS/IEC-determined protection grade defined as being "protection against powerful water jets" and "protection against temporary immersion in water". Full details are outlined in the JIS C 0920 (IEC 60529) standard.


  • The ultra-thinness (0.9mm) of this product contributes to greater design freedom.
  • This product achieves IPX7 grade waterproof protection without using any waterproof sheets, which:
    • allows for the elimination of waterproof sheet material costs
    • allows for the elimination of waterproof sheet application costs
    • eliminates the possibility of sound degradation resulting from waterproof sheets
  • Since no magnets are used, there is no possibility of malfunctions caused by iron sand, or electromagnetic effects on magnetic sensors


Mobile phones, mobile music players, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, IC recorders, e-books, and other mobile equipment

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  • Acoustic characteristics (input: 5Vrms sine wave / speaker microphone distance: 10cm. / speaker back cavity: 0.7cc)

    Average sound pressure: 92.0±3.0dB (1500Hz/2000Hz/2500Hz/3000Hz average)

    Resonant frequency: 1400Hz±20%

  • [Representative waveform]

    Representative waveform

  • Capacitance: 0.9μF±30%

External Size

External Size


One million units per month as of May 2010

Sample Price

250 yen

Piezoelectric Speakers

In addition to this newly-released product, the Murata piezoelectric speaker product lineup includes the following standard products (not waterproofed):

  • VSLBP1913E1400-T0
  • VSLBP2115E1200-T0

For more information on our product lineup, please refer to the following URL: