The Texas A&M University Department of Nuclear Engineering has been awarded a $365,000 faculty development grant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The NRC awarded $15 million to 59 institutions to boost nuclear education and expand the workforce in nuclear safety and nuclear-related disciplines May 10.

Dr. Raymond Juzaitis, head of the nuclear engineering department will request proposals from the department’s early-career faculty to support a decision process for awarding the funds to the most compelling research project.

“We appreciate the support from the NRC, grants like these positively impact our commitment to teaching and research excellence,” Juzaitis said. “We are happy that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission supports the development of faculty in this fairly specialized engineering discipline. Such funding helps us prepare technology leaders for the future who will transform, and not just maintain, the U.S. nuclear enterprise.”

The NRC awarded 59 grants for scholarships ($1.7 million), fellowships ($4.8 million), faculty development ($6.3 million) and trade and community college scholarships ($2.2 million). Recipients are located in 29 states and Puerto Rico. Grant proposals were reviewed against specific criteria by a panel comprised of senior NRC staff and qualified outside reviewers.

Since 2008, Texas A&M’s Department of Nuclear Engineering has been awarded $1.3 million from the NRC for various programs.

Written by Dedra P. Nevill,