MeVEA Ltd has announced three new Training Simulators for different type of training; for beginners to professionals, MeVEA offers a Basic, Advanced and Pro Training Simulator which are based on real-time simulation of dynamics.

Differences between these packages appear in number of excercises, evaluation and physical parts f.ex screens and motion base. Despite the new product line, the training simulators are still produced depending on customer needs. Nearly any kind of machine can be simulated, from forklifts to harbor cranes and mining drill jumbos.

Managing Director Tero Eskola believes that by launching the new product line customers can be offered different packages which helps in customer segmentation. The new packages can be combined and are suitable for organizations with training centers as well as learning institutes. Even though the products have been categorized, they are still made depending on customer needs and preferations in terms of excerices, machine model and virtual environment etc.

MeVEA Training Simulators are not video games but designed for professional training and evaluation. The solutions are based on special know how on real-time simulation of dynamics, multitechnical systems and virtual engineering which ensures realistic movement and controlling of the machine. Driving habits can be modified and f.ex. productivity and fuel economy can be increased. Users are able to train in a safe environment without tying productive machinery.

Besides Training Simulators MeVEA provides software and physical simulators for machine building R&D. These simulators are highly tailor made for customers. Various parts in production development can be simulated, f.ex. hydraulics, mechanics, structural flexibilty, robotics and vehicle design. MeVEA Ltd is a Finnish company consisting highly motivated simulation professionals.

MeVEA Simulation Technology is based on special know-how on real-time simulation of dynamics, multitechnical systems and virtual engineering. MeVEA Simulation Solutions bring huge savings to product development and user training. ###