FMC Marketing AllianceVITA, the trade association dedicated to fostering American National Standards Institute

(ANSI) accredited open system architectures in critical embedded system applications, announced the membership of the recently formed FMC Marketing Alliance. The current roster has 10 companies that are focused on the advancement of the FMC specification and products based on the specification. The alliance ( establishes an ecosystem of interested parties who will drive widespread adoption of the FMC specification and products.

FMC Marketing Alliance Members

• 4DSP, Inc.

• Alpha Data Parallel Systems

• BittWare, Inc.

• Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc.

• Faster Technology

• Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.

• Nolam Embedded Systems

• Samtec

• Xilinx


The FMC Marketing Alliance also announced the availability of an on-line FMC product directory ( The directory provides the latest information on FMC products introduced by Alliance members.

“The significant interest in membership for the FMC Marketing Alliance reflects the on-going activity and growth of the FMC ecosystem since the release of the standard" says Malachy Devlin, FMC Marketing Alliance Chairperson, "The founding members represent leading players in a range of markets including Telecommunications, MilAero, and Test and Measurement; showing the commercial advantages of FMC for a new generation of embedded systems.”

FMC, as defined in VITA 57, provides a specification describing an I/O mezzanine module with connection to an FPGA or other device with reconfigurable I/O capability.

FMCs are being used in a wide range of markets, environments, and carrier card form factors supporting a wide range of I/O interfaces. The standard describes options to create modules for operating in a range of environments from passively cooled to fully ruggedized conduction cooled.

Companies that develop FMC products are encouraged to contact VITA to join the FMC Marketing Alliance. For more information, visit the FMC Marketing Alliance website at