New Haven, Conn. — Seth Herzon, assistant professor of chemistry, was awarded a Searle Scholar Award of 2010 on April 9.

The award, worth $300,000 over three years, is given annually to 15 junior faculty members nationwide from all disciplines. Herzon's peers at Yale nominated him for the award, and he was then chosen from among other nominees from 147 institutions around the country.

"I intend to use the money to support ongoing projects in my group," Herzon says. "We're looking at natural product synthesis and the development of new chemical reactions."

The Herzon Group — a conglomeration of approximately a dozen Yale graduate and undergraduate chemistry students — specifically intends to research new ways to create simple compounds through "natural product synthesis," he noted.

"One thing we've been trying to do is to find new ways to make alcohols, which are a simple compound," Herzon explains. "We've been trying to make alcohols from alkenes; there's currently no good way to do that."

The Searle Scholar Program was established at the Chicago Community Trust in 1980 and has been administered by Kinship Foundation since 1996. The program is funded from the estates of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Searle. The latter was the grandson of the founder of the international pharmaceutical company, G.D. Searle & Company.


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