Plurality Ltd. announced the opening of Plurality USA. Plurality's US subsidiary will be headed by Jeffrey Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, and Jack Koplik, Vice President of Sales.

Mr. Miller came from MIPS Technologies prior to Joining Plurality USA, where he was director of sales for MIPS' RISC processor intellectual property products. He brings a breadth of leadership experience from twenty nine years in the semiconductor and intellectual property industries.

Mr. Koplik joins Plurality USA with firsthand knowledge of the unique needs of high performance computing from his work in key market segments advancing application of massively parallel computing. Jack has held a number of senior positions in sales, marketing and business development in the high performance semiconductor market, most recently at Ambric.

The Market's Most Powerful Multi-Core Shared-Memory Processing Engine

Plurality's HyperCore IP is a general-purpose multiprocessor of a fundamentally new paradigm. This architecture delivers order-of-magnitude performance advances over today's general purpose multicore processors in SoC applications, while significantly reducing power consumption, and providing a simple programming model for porting serial C/C++ code for efficient parallel programming.

Plurality offers HyperCore IP products for embedded system SoCs in wireless, networking, and multimedia markets, as well as chip and board products for high-performance (cloud) computing.

Igor Pe'er, Plurality's CEO and Chairman said, "We are thrilled that Jeff and Jack have accepted this invitation to lead Plurality in changing how the technology world uses multicore processors. These veterans of the intellectual property and semiconductor markets understand and share the vision, and will be tremendous assets to Plurality in delivering high performance multicore solutions to our customers in North America. Along with Plurality Japan and Plurality Singapore, this rounds out Plurality's global presence."

Jeff Miller said, "We know that the United States is the leading geographic market for SoC development. Plurality USA is here where it counts, and to ramp up our support of the large market-leading customers in high performance and cloud computing. We can also better respond to increased interest from consumer segments, and the needs of special US markets like homeland security and defense."

In support of HyperCore design activity, Plurality has also seeded the HyperCore Platform Ecosystem, a growing cooperative community of customers, design services providers, software and EDA companies.

Embedded Systems Conference / Multicore Expo 2010 - Chip Ex Israel 2010

Plurality will be exhibiting at the Embedded Systems Conference / Multicore Expo at the San Jose, McEnery Convention Center April 26 – 29, booth #2413, as well as at ChipEx Israel 2010 Airport City on May 4th.

About Plurality

Plurality develops advanced silicon Intellectual Property, chips and acceleration boards for ManyCore processing. Plurality's IP is based on a unique, scalable, easily-programmable ManyCore architecture that is positioned as a general-purpose accelerator. The processor delivers the highest performance per watt per square millimeter at the lowest cost of any currently available shared-memory processor. The privately-funded company is headquartered in Netanya, Israel. HyperCore is a trademark of Plurality Ltd. For additional information, please email the company at or visit