Arun Subbarao, vice president of engineering at LynuxWorks, Inc., a world leader in the embedded software market, will present two sessions on the latest software technology for optimizing multi-core performance, system size, weight and power (SWaP) for embedded systems on April 29. The sessions will take place at the Multicore Expo at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley in the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose.

Subbarao's first session, titled "Using Virtualization to Bring Desktop and Embedded Operating Systems Together," will explore architectural and use cases for software virtualization platforms. He will discuss how multiple operating systems can coexist on a single hardware system, in addition to examining performance optimizations, secure communications between operating systems, and best practices for designing embedded software applications using this new paradigm.

His second session, titled “Designing Software for Multicore Systems” will provide a guide for migrating software from a unicore to multicore system and offer insights into migrating strategies for new real-time operating systems technologies.

Details regarding both sessions are noted below:

Thursday, April 29 at 8:15 AM

Using Virtualization to Bring Desktop and Embedded Operating Systems Together

Multicore Expo 2010

Thursday, April 29 at 11:30 AM

Designing Software for Multicore Systems

San Carlos Room

Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley

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