My weekly videos have gotten me some level or recognition at National Instruments, even amongst the usually introverted engineering crowd. With that in mind our corporate "Green Team" asked me to spend a week reducing my carbon footprint and documenting my progress. Don't get me wrong, I'm no green zealot, but I do believe in leaving things better than I found them (kind of like adding comments to other people's code). I also am a huge fan of doing more with less (read: cheap) and being efficient. This challenge sounded like a perfect fit: the Green Team gets some good internal PR and my videos get a bit more business/corporate culture credibility.

Well Marketing found out about it, and of course their little brains started firing on all cylinder (singular tense intended) and they decided to put up one of their own to challenge me. The Green Team pooped in their biodegradable diapers at the chance to have even more internal attention brought to their cause, and Marketing thought they'd be clever and propose a recruitment element as part of the score, assuming that a lowly engineer would never be able to get as many people to join in (and of course, they were right: we're pretty anti-joining anything).

So I need your help. If you are an engineer or scientist, or even if you know one, join my team and help me put Marketing back in their place (wherever that is). Take this survey and pledge to cut some kind of carbon emissions next week:

Green Smackdown Pledge Form

Using the power of social media, keep me posted on your progress in any of the following ways:

1. Join my Facebook Group

2. Tweet at me (@engineeringmind) or search #greensmackdown

3. Comment on this blog

4. Email me at

5. Check out my YouTube videos

I'll be using Twitter, Facebook and this blog to post daily updates on my progress and adventures along the way. Here's to helping the earth and humbling the people that annoy us the most.