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CAMPBELL, California AND AUSTIN, Texas, March 22, 2010The Society for Information Display (SID), the leading global organization dedicated to the advancement of electronic display technology, together with DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in display market research, today announced that both organizations will once again collaborate on this years Display Week 2010 Business Conference, which will be held in Seattle, Washington on May 24, 2010.

Kicking off SIDs Display Week, the display industrys premier weeklong gathering, this forum is set to feature presentations from top executives of leading companies throughout the display supply chain. This conference will bridge the massive business of electronic displays and the critical enabling technologies at the heart of the latest electronic devices. Each session will be anchored by DisplaySearch analysts presenting in-depth market and technology analysis and the latest forecasts.

Display Week features a host of informational events that provide the latest insight into the hottest displays technologies on the market, along with trends about the future innovations.  The SID Business Conference is one of the key events that offers attendees a snapshot of the current display business, and a look forward to where high-growth display sectors are headed, said SID President Paul Drzaic. SIDs Business Conference has historically served as a precursor to the hot topics that will be seen during the exhibits and discussed in greater detail during our technical symposium. Last years event, organized by DisplaySearch brought new energy, focus, and content to Display Week, and we are excited to work with DisplaySearch again this year to produce such an important conference for attendees.

As both excitement and uncertainty swirl around the latest display technologies and features3D, touch, OLEDs, LED backlight TVs and pico projectorsit becomes even more critical for all facets of the display supply chain to focus on the business side of the technology, noted Paul Semenza, senior vice president of DisplaySearch. The SID Business Conference will serve as the intersection of technology development and market trendsproviding valuable information and insights for all those who attend.

This years Business Conference will feature in-depth content on specific market segments within the display industry:

Mobility: Tablets in the Mainstream?

Speakers in this session will discuss the definition of the tablet and how it will compete with mini-notes and other dedicated reading devices. The importance of the display and implications for the industry will also be addressed.

The Evolving TV: LED Backlights, Internet Connectivity and 3D

As TVs continue to evolve, many questions remain unanswered in regards to LED backlights, internet connectivity and 3D. The TV session will provide an outlet for executives throughout the TV supply chain to share their insight on these pressing topics.


With rapid growth in the touch sector, this session will delve into where the industry is headedwhether it be consolidation or fragmentation. The Touch session will also feature industry perspectives as to how in-cell touch and touch for TV and signage will play a role in this sector, and address whether gesture will become mature.

OLED Displays and Lighting

Is critical mass for AMOLED finally here? During the OLED Displays and Lighting session, presenters will discuss whether the barriers to large-scale production are surmountable and if OLED displays will be able to catch the moving LCD target. In addition, the outlook for OLED lighting will be discussed.

Pocket and Embedded Projectors

What direction should pocket and embedded-projector manufacturers take: stand alone devices or embedded? What display and light source technologies are being used? During this session, speakers will share their perspectives on how real the market is and if pico projectors will become novelties.

E-Paper and Flexible Displays

For emerging technologies such as e-paper and flexible displays, what is driving growth: the technology or the application? Is there a killer app? Which comes firstthe technology or the application? What are the choices for substrate and display technologies?

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