Micro-Pump MZP Series


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a small-sized fluid conveyance device Micro-pump MZP Series. We integrated our piezoelectric element technology, mechanical design technology and fluid simulation technologies to achieve an ultra-thin type product.

With dimensions of 24x33x1.325mm, this product is an ultra-thin fluid conveyance pump, the thinnest micro-pump for fuel cells ever to be developed. Additionally, this product uses over 90% less power than conventional pumps, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of equipment. In addition to fuel cells for mobile equipment, other applications for this product are also being explored.


The popularity of mobile equipment such as mobile phones and laptop computers has created a demand for even smaller batteries and power supplies with higher capacities. The direct-methanol fuel cell (DMFC) is expected to fulfill this need, although peripheral circuits miniaturization, including pumps, and decreasing power consumption have been obstacles to its commercialization.

Until now, there have been no pumps satisfying the above mentioned requirements. By applying the piezoelectric ceramic principle, a vibration is generated when current is applied. Therefore, Murata has succeeded in commercializing a micro-pump that is small-sized , thin with low power-consumption, capable of being used in fuel cells for mobile equipment.

By continuing to supply the market with original devices like this one, Murata hopes to contribute to the development of the small fuel cell market. We will also work to develop small mechatronics- devices that will contribute to the miniaturization and reduction of power consumption in a variety of fields.


  • Ultra-thin

    Our molding and forming technologies have resulted in a product 24x33x1.325mm in size, the thinnest ever to be developed for use in fuel cells

  • High pressure

    Air suction pressure of over 6kPa and high fluid discharge pressure of over 35kPa

  • Low power consumption

    With our ceramics technology, we have achieved a product that uses 90% less power than conventional pumps and that work with a lower driving voltage than typically seen (12Vp-p (±6V)).


Fuel cells used in mobile phones, laptop computers, and other mobile equipment.



Main Characteristics

 General Characteristics (Reference)
Performance Rated voltage 12Vp-p (±6V)
Flow rate 1μL/s (1Hz)
Fluid discharge pressure 35kPa (min.)
Air suction pressure 6kPa (min.)
Operating frequency range 1Hz-15Hz
External size 24 x 33 x 1.325

External Size

External Size


5 patents pending