LanTEK II Cable SystemSYCAMORE, IL, February 26, 2010 -- IDEAL INDUSTRIES today announced that its new LanTEK® II cable certifier series has been approved by Tyco Electronics and Brand-Rex, two leading global suppliers of structured cabling systems for data networks.

Brand-Rex approved the LanTEK® II series for certification of the installed performance of Brand-Rex 10GPlus, Cat6Plus and GigaPlus structured cabling systems in channel, permanent link or CP link configurations against the published international standards. Tyco fully approves the LanTEK II for its Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6A cable solutions.

Ken Hodge, R&D Manager at Brand-Rex Ltd commented: "The new LanTEK® II cable certifier is a significant advancement in test technology. In our tests, the LanTEK® II proved reliable and consistent in the measurement of both screened and unscreened cabling systems."

According to Robert A. Zahr, Systems Engineering Manager for Tyco: "The results of this qualification test greatly exceeded our expectations with respect to the accuracy levels of key electrical parameters reported by the LanTEK II series testers used in this evaluation."

The LanTEK® II cable certifier series provides certification to TIA, ISO and IEC LAN cabling standards. In addition, IDEAL's FiberTEK® FDX fibre optic modules enable the LanTEK® II to certify multi-mode and single mode fibre to TSB Tier 1 standards.

The three new LanTEK® II models (frequency ranges of 350MHz, 500MHz and 1GHz) offer faster test speeds, a 10.5cm widescreen display and improved Lithium-Ion batteries, with up to 18 hours of field use. The range makes use of IDEAL's patented measurement system, which provides reduced cost of ownership by eliminating expensive permanent link adaptors. The unique DUALmode™ test function enables the user to test a copper link against two different standards with a single Autotest, making it easy to test a link to current standards, as well as measure the performance margin against future standards with higher performance requirements; while adding only one second to the Autotest time.

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