Highest Ion Output in the Industry! Low-Voltage, Small Ionizer Module “Ionissimo™” MHM Series Adopted for Use in S.T. Corporation Ionizer


The Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ionizer module Ionissimo™ MHM Series has been adopted for use by the S.T. Corporation in its new Virus Attacker plug-in ionizer.

Murata ionizer modules have been used in home electrical appliances such as air conditioners and air purifiers in the past, but with this new adoption of our product, we will be strengthening our production system as we explore further applications for our ionizer modules.


Today, the emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention is higher than ever, and there is a growing interest in ways of eliminating odor, germs and mold in the home and office. Additionally, equipment production sites are becoming ever denser and more crowded, and there is a growing need for static elimination in order to prevent defects caused by static electricity. To respond to these needs, Murata has stepped up its development, production and sales of ion generating elements and small modules integrated with these elements.

With the adoption of our ionizer module for use in the new S.T. Corporation Virus Attacker ionizer, we have succeeded in expanding not only into the consumer electronics market, but also into the household product market, where there is a demand for smaller and more energy-efficient products.

We will continue in our efforts to help meet diverse needs in a wide variety of fields.


Ionizer a device that applies high voltages to sharp, pointed electrodes to electrically charge, or ionize, air molecules


  • High ion output

    Optimization of module structure has made high ion output possible

  • Low driving voltage


  • Small size

    Our original structural design and circuit design technologies have enabled us to develop a small-sized product

  • Other

    Adjustable ozone output enables customization for specific applications

    In addition to home electronics, this product may be used for a variety of other needs, including automotive, production line, home care and nursing, interior, and pet-related needs


Air conditioners, air purifiers, ionizers, static eliminators, etc.

Functions eliminates bacteria, odor, viruses, mold, dust mites, static electricity, electrostatic charge, etc.

Part Number

MHM300 series


In-car air purification function test results (based on Murata measurement standards)

In-car air purification function test results (based on Murata measurement standards)

Electronic Characteristics

Input voltage DC12.7V
Power consumption 0.6W
Ion output over 500,000/cc (based on Murata measurement standards)
Ozone output adjustable from 0.05mg/H to 0.50mg/H
Operating temperature range -10-50
Operating humidity range 5%RH-95%RH

External Size

External Size
External Size


300 thousand units per month

Sample Price

3,000 yen per unit


2 patents granted

8 patents pending