Automatically saves consumers’ personal data and allows seamless sharing, transfer and restoration of content between multiple operating systems, platforms and devices

NEW YORK, NY – CyberSynchs universal data synchronization system automatically synchronizes data from any device and securely stores the content in the cloud to make it instantly accessible to any other device or platform. CyberSynchs universal data synchronization enables data file synchronization and sharing between any devices that have the CyberSynchs application. CyberSynchs currently offers a Mobile application and PC application to end users.

The CyberSynchs system is embedded into devices offered by device manufacturers, enabling them to link their products with their partners’ devices for virtually unlimited connectivity. Through its partnership with Sun Microsystems, CyberSynchs Mobile and PC applications will be distributed on over 1 billion devices that support JavaFX. As part of its aggressive growth strategy, CyberSynchs platform by the end of 2010 will be pre-loaded on a wide variety of devices worldwide, including smartphones, PCs, cameras, camcorders, TV’s and mobile headphones, as well as available through cable television network providers.

About CyberSynchs Mobile and PC Applications

Millions of people today rely on the convenience of smartphones and mobile devices to access, share and store vast amounts of personal information. But if a device crashes or gets damaged, lost or stolen, all of that data can be lost or worse - end up in the wrong hands.

CyberSynchs Mobile application is an innovative subscription service that automatically mirrors smartphone and mobile device content to a safe, secure, user friendly and accessible website. CyberSynchs Mobile application eliminates the trauma of lost mobile content and personal information due to a lost, stolen or destroyed mobile device.

“Losing the information on your mobile device or smartphone can be absolutely devastating, and wireless carriers don’t keep individual customers’ mobile content so there’s nothing they can do to help,” commented Amos Winbush, CEO of CyberSynchs. “We created CyberSynchs Mobile as a cool, easy and economical solution to spare people the ordeal of losing personal data. CyberSynchs Mobile automatically synchronizes your mobile data as often as you want – daily, twice a day, even hourly – so you don’t ever have to think about it.”

The CyberSynchs Mobile application automatically backs up 98 percent of all smartphone and mobile device data, including phone numbers, address books, calendars, voice messages, text messages, emails, music, ring tones, GPS locations, photos, videos and virtually any other kind of digital file that can be stored on a smartphone or mobile device. Each subscriber’s information is stored and protected on CyberSynch’s secure servers to enable immediate and complete data recovery. In the event a device is damaged or lost, CyberSynchs can instantly write all of the user’s stored data to any new mobile device.

Subscribers’ synchronized content is scrupulously protected on the CyberSynchs servers and accessible only with the user’s unique device ID code and personal password. Subscribers can access their data in real time from anywhere in the world via smartphone, mobile device, PC or any device with an Internet connection for complete control over their personal data at all times.

“If your smartphone or mobile device is lost or stolen, that’s another nightmare,” added Winbush. “Through GPS, CyberSynchs can notify you of the exact location of your lost or stolen device. If it’s unrecoverable, our unique ‘wiping’ feature lets you instantly lock and thoroughly erase all of your data from the missing device.”

CyberSynchs Mobile application is offered to individual users for just $2.99 USD per month. A user simply signs up online at A text message is sent to the user’s mobile device, providing a link that automatically installs the small CyberSynchs application on the device. Data synchronization begins immediately. CyberSynchs has no hardware component, and does not require SIM cards, storage cards or cables.

CyberSynchs Mobile currently supports the majority of popular mobile devices, including BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java devices. CyberSynchs service is mobile operating system and carrier independent, so if a customer changes devices or carriers, all of the stored data can be seamlessly transferred to any new device instantly.

CyberSynchs PC application is an offline version of the application. It allows users to view and manage personal content on their desktop or laptop without logging on to the Internet.

About CyberSynchs

CyberSynchs is a Universal Data Synchronization company offering innovative applications that enable data synchronization, sharing and transfer through the cloud between Mobile devices, PCs, TVs, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Gamers and wireless headphones. CyberSynchs was founded with the vision of providing state-of-the-art technology, leadership innovation, and a cost-effective means of safeguarding vital personal data through its proprietary universal secured back-up system. CyberSynchs maintains an innovation-centric corporate entrepreneurial culture designed to promote and continually develop the best breed of technology solutions to meet market needs. Through its secure website the company offers subscribers the freedom to manage their personal content from the web anywhere in the world, allowing maximum accessibility, manageability and control. The company is headquartered in New York. For more information visit