Core Engineering Concepts for Students and Professionals

Core Engineering Concepts for Students and Professionals provides information for engineers during college and afterwards in their careers. According to the author, Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, "Every page tries to anticipate an engineer‘s questions. It provides information on what you need to know or remember about a given subject, or how one can quickly come up to speed—from concepts to practical applications—in a subject they haven‘t seen for years."

With comprehensive coverage of thousands of engineering topics in a single book, Core Engineering Concepts is presented as the first cross-disciplinary engineering reference of its kind. It can be used by anyone studying or practicing in any engineering field—it can even be used by non-engineers.

This resource

-covers the breadth of a 4-year engineering degree

-contains civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and industrial engineering subjects

-features 82 chapters covering thousands of engineering topics

-contains more than 580 examples with step-by-step solutions

-references over 3,700 essential engineering equations and formulas

-presents over 315 figures and 780 tables

-lists fully defined nomenclature for each chapter

-includes a comprehensive, multiple-entry index of more than 15,000 terms

Core Engineering Concepts for Students and Professionals (ISBN: 978-1-59126-190-2, 1,440 pages, 8 ½ x 11, hardcover, $199.95) is available at