World's First Model Complying to the New Capacitance Standard Commercializing Multilayer Ceramic Decoupling Capacitor


Murata Manufacturing Group (called Murata hereafter) has commercialized its multilayer ceramic capacitor "GW series." The product became the first of its kind in the world to comply with JEITA RCX-2326 (Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment, surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors, Class 2A*1), a new tentative standard by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).

This standard regulates capacitance under actual operating conditions of temperature and DC voltage applications. We have succeeded in achieving higher capacitance with the GW series under these conditions compared with previous models of multilayer ceramic capacitors. Therefore, the GW series is ideal for decoupling capacitors used in power supply circuits of low voltage driven devices and CPUs.

By introducing LW reverse construction*2 and three terminal construction, in addition to the conventional two terminal construction, low impedance is achieved over a wide frequency band. This contributes to significant downsizing in equipment due to reduction in the number of components used.


In terms of capacitance, Ferroelectric materials such as barium titanate used in voltage dependent ceramic capacitors and the difference between the nominal capacitance and the capacitance under the actual operating conditions (effective capacitance) can become problematic.

New JEITA standard, RCX-2326 was issued in 2007 in order to provide more functional ceramic capacitors to the market by describing capacitance in conjunction with actual conditions.

Murata became the first company to commercialize products complying to this standard.


  • World's first JEITA RCX-2326 compliance (Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment-Surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors, Class 2A)
  • Guarantees the lowest capacitance under actual operating conditions for the power supply voltage decoupling circuit(Temperature range -25゚C to 105゚C, AC voltage 1.25V, capacitance deviation within -20% when AC 100mVrms is applied)
  • Low impedance is achieved over a wide frequency band by introducing LW reverse construction and three terminal construction.
  • Having both large capacitance and low impedance makes it ideal for decoupling capacitors over a wide frequency band.
  • All three types provide capacitance of 100μF, offered for the first time in the world for LW reverse type and three terminal types.


*1: multilayer ceramic capacitors, Class 2A: Capacitor to regulate effective capacitance categorized as the type 2A ceramic capacitor.

*2: The condensers which realize low ESL by constituting terminal electrodes in parallel with long distance direction.


Power supply circuits for LSIs such as CPUs and FPGAs, as well as low voltage driven devices

Part Number

  • Two terminal type: GWM32RJ10E107Y
  • LW reverse type: GWL4VCJ10E107Y
  • Three terminal type: GWF4VCJ10E107Y


Frequency Impedance characteristics (with DC 1.25V applied)

Frequency Impedance characteristics (with DC 1.25V applied)

Electricity Characteristics

100μF (DC voltage 1.25V, AC 100mVrms applied, capacitance deviation +30%-20%-25゚C to 105゚C)

DC 2.5V

-25゚C to 105゚C

External Size


GWM: L=3.2±0.3 W=2.5±0.3 T=1.8max (unit: mm)


GWL: L=2.0±0.3 W=4.0±0.3 T=1.8max (unit: mm)


GWF: L=4.0±0.3 W=2.0±0.3 e=1.5±0.3 T=1.8max (unit: mm)


Production commences on January 2010


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