Smallest and Thinnest in the World! Developing Surface Mount Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed the world's smallest and thinnest surface mount pyroelectric infrared sensor, "IRS-B series."

Our new model is even smaller than the previous reflow surface mount pyroelectric infrared sensor available exclusively from Murata. This model will contribute to promoting mass production and price reduction of reflow surface mount type sensors. It will also accelerate introduction of the human presence sensor for consumer equipment in addition to allowing equipment size reduction.

Furthermore, we have developed a condenser "flat lens" used in combination with the pyroelectric infrared sensor, contributing to thinner equipment manufacturing.


Requirements for human presence sensing are increasing in various applications such as energy conservation, theft prevention, appliances and care-giving. Previously, pyroelectric infrared sensors used in human presence sensors tended to be large, and unsuitable for automatic surface mounting due to lead mount construction, making them less cost effective and difficult to mass-produce.

To this end, Murata previously offered the only lineup of reflow surface mount pyroelectric infrared sensors in the industry. We were able to further reduce the size of this newly developed "IRS-B series" model, creating a smaller and thinner version, by improving Murata's own package technology and pyroelectric ceramic materials. This model makes it possible to mount the human presence sensor on equipment allowing the equipment to be smaller, thinner and lighter, such as appliances, low profile digital equipment, PCs and video game consoles.

IRS-B series is approximately 50% smaller in volume and 10% thinner than our previous surface mount model. Compared with common lead-type models, it is significantly smaller with a lower profile approximately 20% less in volume and 50% less in thickness than the former.

Curvature of the "flat lens," developed together with "IRS-B series," was made extremely flat making it possible to streamline the equipment design.


  • World's smallest and thinnest size (4.7x4.7x2.4mm)
  • Only lead-free soldering reflow surface mounting model in the industry
  • High sensitivity
  • Achieves excellent electromagnetic noise suppression performance through Murata's own packaging technology
  • Contributes to flatter equipment design with simultaneously developed flat lens
  • Does not use substances controlled by the RoHS directive


Usable for the following applications as human presence sensor

  • TVs
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Digital photo frames
  • PCs
  • Automatic switches for lighting systems
  • Webcams (IP cameras)
  • Automatic hot water flushing toilet seat
  • Security equipment
  • Other automatic switches (ex.: LCD monitors, air-cleaners and ventilation fans)
  • Eco-friendly appliances


Part Numbe

IRS-B210ST01-R1 (dual type) (long-distance detection type)

IRS-B340ST02-R1 (parallel quad type) (micro-motion detection type)


Model Number IRS-B210ST01-R1 IRS-B340ST02-R1
Sensitivity (reference values) 3.6 mVpp 3.1 mVpp
Responsive wavelength range minimum 3μm 3μm
Responsive wavelength range maximum 14μm 14μm
Sensing angles θ1=70°θ2=50° θ1=70°θ2=50°
Power supply voltage maximum 15.0VDC 15.0VDC
Power supply voltage minimum 2.0VDC 2.0VDC
Operating temperature range minimum -40 -40
Operating temperature range maximum 70 70
Storage temperature range minimum -40 -40
Storage temperature range maximum 85 85
Photoreceptor shape Photoreceptor shape Photoreceptor shape

External Size

External Size


Sales commence in February 2010 Scheduled to manufacture 1 million units per month

Sample Price

About 200 yen


10 patents pending


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