Murata has developed the world's Smallest 1.6×0.8mm Size 10μF Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Rated at 25V


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has accomplished the design and development of a 1.6×0.8mm Size 10μF monolithic ceramic capacitor, the world's smallest, at a 25V rating. This model, reduced by approximately 60% in volume than the previous model, further contributes to equipment downsizing. Additionally, its capacitance is significantly improved by10 times the previous model with the same size, rated voltage and temperature characteristics.


As notebook PCs, LCD-TVs and mobile phones permeate the market and become smaller, needs for high rated voltage, small and high-capacitance monolithic ceramic capacitors for LED backlight of LCD-TVs and mobile phone displays are in greater demands.

We have succeeded in commercializing the 1.6×0.8mm Size 25 V 10μF monolithic ceramic capacitor by refining and high-crystallizing ceramic material with our own material technology securing high reliability.

Muratas product development will allow continued contribution to downsizing of electronic equipment.


World's smallest size for a 10μF model rated at 25V


  • Notebook PCs
  • LED backlight for LCD-TVs
  • Mobile terminal displays


Part Number


Electric characteristic

Capacitance: 10μF

Rated voltage: 25V

Operating temperature range: -55^+85

Temperature characteristics: X5R characteristic (rate of change in capacitance=within ±15%)

External Size

External Size

L=1.6±0.2W=0.8±0.2T=0.8±0.2 (Unit: mm)


Production commences on April 2010

Sample Price

20 Yen/per unit


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